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  It was known by many names over the years, but most employee's will always think of it as simply ISC.  The company is now long gone, having been bought and sold until only a handful of people are left.  I worked there for 18 years and when I discovered the domain name was available, and since I was the systems admin of the network for a number of years, I bought it to allow old friends to once again have access to the first email accounts they probably ever had.

  I've also discovered though that any number of broken or stale search engines and insanely stale websites still think this website exists and continue to point people at what is now a private server.  For those of you who got here hoping to find firmware or device drivers for some ancient piece of Olivetti gear, which is what the majority of referrals appear to be, sorry, I can't help you.  Olivetti was always pretty hard to get drivers from, we had trouble getting that stuff even when Olivetti North America was an official subsidiary of Olivetti. 

  My eventual hopes for this site is to create a history of the company, its products and the people who created them.  Those of you who might have gotten here because you were ex-ISC employee's looking to see if the old website still existed, drop me an email and say hello.

Oct, 2003:

  Talking it over with some of the other ex employee's in the area, we've decided to start up a mailing list where people can get together and contact old friends and say hello again.  It will probably also be used to send out announcements about the quarterly breakfasts that still occur and anything else that might tickle our interest.  Visit http://maillists.windwireless.net/mailman/listinfo/isc to signup for the list.

Jun, 2005:

  I've been contacted by somebody from the old ISC days that still works for Getronics asking if I'd be willing to do a little editing to this site for them.  I'd really like to see pointers to any firmware/software sources that they know of, and because of a more recent trend in questions, I'm hoping they can provide links for people to find out about any surviving retirement or 401K plans that might still exist.  We'll see what happens.

Dec, 2006:

  Last summer I decided it was time to move on from my Systems Admin position at Wind Wireless and recently they changed their mail server setup and the ISC mailing list was one of the casualties.  It was never used much, but I may bring it back to life on my own server at some point if there is enough demand.

Oct, 2007:

  I've been following the sale of Getronics to KPN in the online news services.  Like you, I'm wondering how this will affect the 401K and Pension Plans of former employee's.  Long story short, Damned If I Know. :)

Nov, 2007:

  The most common question I get asked by former ISC employee's is "Do you know anything about the old Pension Plan?"  Ok, here is the current information I have on where you can check to see the status of your Pension Plan.  The plan is currently being administered by Prudential Retirement Planning, you will need your SSN# in order to get access to your account.  I just checked mine so I know this URL is currently valid.

Mid 2009:

  Well, I still haven't confirmed it directly, but the word through the grape vine is that CompuCom has pulled the plug on the remains of ISC. Like every company who bought ISC, they are primarily a PC Servicing company, and they probably wondered why they now owned a small software development group in Spokane, WA. As I currently understand it, the office at Liberty Lake that holds the remains of ISC will be closed at the end of 2009. As of June 2009, the 401K plans had moved from Getronics to CompuCom at Fidelity (www.401k.com), I wonder what happens to them now ...

July 2014:

  As of July 2014, I just got an update letter from them so if they can't find the plan when you contact them, here is a bit more information.

Wang Laboratories, Inc. Pension Plan 016580
Prudential Service Center 1-877-778-2100

April 2016:

  As of April 1, 2016, the old pension plan has moved from Prudential to Aon Hewitt. The letter mentions that the website to access your pension info will not be avaiable until July 1, but it does give a phone number you can call.

Getronics US Operations, Inc,
20423 State Road 7, Suite F6-487
Boca Raton, FL 33498
FEIN: 65-1192984

Aon Hewitt
Wang Laboratories, Inc. Pension Plan

June 2018:

  The plan has moved again and as of Nov 2017, you can't file for your pension online, you have to call and request the paperwork. As I have just filed for my own pension, the following info should be valid at least for a little while.

Wang Laboratories Pension Center
P.O. Box 9619
The Woodlands, TX 77387


They are really getting hard to reach now and it will take several weeks for the paperwork to arrive. I had to call several times to actually get somebody to answer. Since you can file for it after age 55, and most of us are probably past that now, it might be worth taking reduced benefits instead of risking them vanishing again.

Brian W. Antoine